How to cut a baby’s hair in a full-filled manner

Cutting the hair of your baby is one of the most interesting grooming activities that you can undertake (read more about the best hair clippers).It is also a mix of two worlds that will include fun and some few streams of tears rolling down from the baby’s eyes. The process will be marred with some little fights here and there but at the end of the day, it will be fun.

Since kids are different from adults, the matter of grooming their hair through cuts should be approached in a kid-friendly and appropriate manner. This article is focused on sharing with you since of the best tips that are going to make that shaving session a success and a fun moment that you will always be looking forward to.

Get the tools ready

You need to gather all the basic tools that you will use during the shaving process. Make sure that you have the following tools: a baby brush; a baby come; a pair of clippers and; a spray bottle full of water.

Get the right place ready

Another thing that you will need is the right place for you to conduct the hair cut. You need to get ready the right place where you are going to sit the baby comfortably as the process goes on.

Never do it alone

Another tip that will help you have a fun moment is that you should never try to do it alone. Make sure that your spouse is around or a family member that the baby is familiar with. The other person will help you with handling the baby and holding it while you do the shaving. In addition, the second person will act as an entertainer and distracter as you perform the shaving process.

Pick the best time

Timing is another factor that you need to consider before conducting the hair cut on the baby. You need to select a time when the baby is in the best mood to be shaved. For instance, don’t try to shave the baby when they are tired or want to go to bed.
Make sure you select a time when the baby is lively and full of vigor so that it will be easy to distract them with entertainment and other things that they are most likely to enjoy.

Arrange for distractions

As it is the norm with all kids, you have to expect some kicks and tears from the baby as you shave them. That is why you need to prepare the best form of entertainment that is going to distract them as you do the cutting. You can either use their best cartoon video to distract them or get someone to sing to them their best songs so that they can give you peace as you do the cutting. The bottom line remains that you need a form of distractive entertainment that the baby is familiar with and the one they enjoy the most.

Get the hair wet

Before starting the cut, make sure that the hair is wet. Use a spray bottle to wet it so that you can have easier time working on the baby’s head. You also refer to some style of baby haircut at:

Start where the need is greatest

You need to start off with those areas that need the cutting most. Ensure that you start with those areas that have most hair and then move on to those with fewer hairs.

Set the right expectations

Since babies are different, you don’t need to expect the best results from their cut. As a parent, you will need to focus more on hygiene more than on esthetic perfection. Give the baby time and as they grow, you will be able to achieve better results with time.

Exercise extra caution

I everything you do, remember that your baby is different and delicate. You need to be very careful the way you handle the whole process because it only takes one lapse for an accident to happen.

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