Practical Measures to ensure Toy Safety for your Baby

Toys are some of the best tools that spark the growth, development and the creative genius of your baby. Moreover, they act as a powerful orientation into the reality of life that lies ahead of your baby’s future. Despite being such powerful tools, toys can become sources of grief to many families when their use is not regulated properly and put under safe boundaries. It is a sad fact that thousands of babies lose their lives and get injured due to unsafe or unmonitored toy use.

This article seeks to spell out some of the measures that parents can take to ensure that toys are a catalyst of happiness to their babies and not destruction and pain. In this article, we shall examine some of the safety measures that you need to take from the point you buy the toys and during their usage.

Balance between size and safety

One of the safety measures that you need to pout into consideration is ensuring that toys are big enough so that babies do not accidentally swallow them. But in the process of taking care of choking hazards, you also need to ensure that the toys are not heavy enough to cause injuries. For instance, if the kids start hurling the toys at each other and   they are heavy enough, they can cause injuries. This means that you need to buy toys that are too big to be swallowed but at the same time too light to injure the baby just in case they fall on them.

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Avoid Balloons

Make sure that you delete all forms of balloon toys from your baby’s toy menu. Even though balloons can be very ideal decorating tools in child festivals and events, balloons should never be entrusted to kids below the age of 12 because if they are accidentally ingested, they can choke the baby.

No guns please

Another safety measure that you need to take whole buying toys for your baby is that you need to avoid toy guns that are capable of shooting any object whether liquid or solid. This is because in the absence of adult supervision, the boys may end up shooting objects (liquid and solid) that can pose a risk to the eyes of their playmates. Even if you think that your baby is destined to join the police and military, it is safe and wise not to train your baby for violence and wait until when they are mature enough to join the armed forces where they will be licensed to use guns under proper a chain of proper control and legal accountability.

Avoid all forms of toxin

The toy market is filled with many nice looking toys that are poisonous. You need to make sure that the toy you are purchasing has clear indication on the label that it is not toxic so that it does not lead to child poisoning should the baby put it in the mouth.

Age matters

Another way of ensuring that your baby is going to have and play with a safe toy is paying attention to what the manufacturer of the toys recommends for every age. Make sure that you buy a toy that falls within the recommended age skill and capacity level of your baby.

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Safe storage

Make sure that after the babies are through with playing with their toys you store them away safely. This will ensure that they don’t trip or fall over them and get injured.

Beware of removable parts and sharp edges

Ensure that your baby toys are free from all removable parts that can choke them. In addition, buy toys that are free from sharp edges so that the baby doesn’t get injured.

Above all, supervise and inspect

After taking all the above measures into consideration, make sure that you supervise the baby during play. Never leave the baby alone with toys for more than five minutes. Moreover, conduct routine inspection to ensure that the toys are in safe usage condition at every moment in time.

Parting shot

Baby toy safety is an issue that every parent needs to take seriously. This has to start from the purchasing process down to the whole time the baby will be using the toys. By taking these measures, you will keep your babies safe and healthy as they grow in skill and play.

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