Healthy foods for toddlers and young ones

When babies are born, they generally on breast milk for about six months and at this stage mothers are not worried if their babies are getting the right nutrients since breast milk is complete. It has all that a baby needs. Those who are unable to breastfeed also have options of using a formula that is made to have all the nutrients that is almost equivalent to what a mother’s milk has. After the first six months of a baby’s life, it can no longer live on breast milk alone and it is at this time that the baby is given real food.

The transition

If you have raised one or more kids, then you understand how daunting the transition from breast milk to solid foods can be.  Some babies are so great and adjust to this so easily, but the majority will take time to adjust. In fact, if the little ones were to talk, then they would say something like ‘Mum, I just need my regular milk, can’t you understand?’ Well, a lot of patience is required during this time. You can start with smaller potions and increase the amount with time.

It is also important to note that babies have small stomachs and are not like grownups. They need to be fed more regularly. The intervals can be between 2 -3 hours. Feeding the baby on too much at once probably two times a day can be harmful to them.

My baby won’t eat

It is the joy of every parent to see their growing toddlers feed well all the time, but unfortunately this is not always the case.  There is no cause for alarm, toddlers feed only when they are hungry. Sometimes they will overfeed in a day and refuse to take anything the next day. The most important thing is to ensure that what they consume has all the necessary nutrients.

Healthy foods

Toddlers and young children are growing fast and thus need foods that are nutritious to avoid retarded growth. This means that every mother should watch what their toddlers are fed on. Toddlers and young children need a lot of calcium for stronger bone development and a good source of calcium is milk.  From six months to two years, whole milk is recommended as the best source of calcium unless your baby is allergic to lactose. Those with allergies can be given fortified soy and cereals.

Iron is another important need in toddlers and young children. A deficiency in iron can cause a number of abnormalities and make your baby to be a slow learner.  Babies need a proximately 7mg of iron in a day and this means that the foods that they are fed on must be rich in iron. When they are under six months breast milk is the best source of the nutrients needed, but when they get to the weaning stage, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the foods given contain the right nutrients.

Proteins and minerals are good for the toddlers, but too much is also dangerous, it can cause diarrhea and indigestion. Fortified cereals, eggs and even red meat are some of the foods that have the right nutrients.

Consistency in feeding

Remaining healthy means that there has to be a healthy lifestyle. For toddlers and young children to remain full of health, there has to be a consistency in their feeding. Giving them healthy foods one day and junks on some days is not helpful at all. As a mother or a parent, you need to ensure that your baby is fed on healthy foods every day at intervals. This way a healthy growth is assured.

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