How to take care of your newborn baby

The thought of having a new baby is amazing and many spend a lot of time preparing for their newborns during pregnancy. ‘Mothers to be’ read about how to take care of their little ones once they are born, they buy clothes, diapers and other things that they will need to use, but the truth is that not many are prepared for the hectic times when the baby is born.

The ones who find it hard to adjust are the first time mothers. It is much easier to take care of the baby when pregnant. In fact, they are safer in the womb than outside.  Newborn babies are very delicate and they are prone to a number of skin conditions like cradle cap, heat rash and baby acne. This means that new babies need special care. Here are some ways to care for your little gift from heaven.

The baby’s skin

A baby’s skin is very delicate and this is usually because it loses moisture very fast and it needs time to absorb and retain more moisture. Because the skin is still weak and delicate, you will need to avoid using strong detergents and soaps on your baby’s clothes. There are special detergents that are specifically made for baby fabrics. They are mild and will rarely cause your baby to develop rashes. To help prevent bacterial infections, always use natural wipes and diapers for your baby. They are easy to clean and do not contain any chemicals that can be harmful to your baby’s skin.

The baby’s umbilical cord

This is another delicate part of the baby’s body. If not, well taken care of, it may lead to many infections. The baby’s umbilical cord should be given special care both before and after falling off. It needs to be cleaned with a soft cotton containing alcohol regularly. Remember, always make sure to keep your baby’s umbilical cord clean and warm in winter as well as ventilated in summer. This will help to prevent from bacteria.

The baby’s head

Babies have a pulpy scalp that is so delicate and many new mothers are not always sure of how to handle it. You should avoid using strong shampoos on your baby. There are very good natural products that are meant for babies, including shampoos and this is what you need to get from a baby store around your area.  The internet has even made it a lot easier to buy baby products from the comfort of your home.

Keep the heat rash and sunburn at bay

Both grownups and babies suffer from the effects of the sun and heat, but it is more on babies since they still have a delicate skin. The only way to keep them from getting heat rashes or sunburns is by keeping them away from direct sunlight. If you have to go somewhere with them, make sure they are covered well or better still, you can use an umbrella. During hot weather conditions always ensure that they are dressed appropriately for the weather. Loose clothes during hot days are good for them.

 Handling baby acne and cradle caps

These are very common with babies and it is no cause for alarm. Baby acne for instance is almost normal in babies for the first three months and do not need to be treated unless they are infected.  All you need is to clean them using any form of natural therapy that is mild on the baby. In order to clean cradle caps, you need to use a soft brush with a mild baby moisturizer. You can always get the soft brushes from baby shops.

When it comes to taking care of a newborn baby, everything should be done right. There are no trial and errors since any slight mistake may interfere with the baby’s health.

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