Tips to help new moms care for their babies

Having a little baby is a very exciting thing, but taking care of it can be very hectic.  They are little beings who still cannot say what is wrong with them and sometimes as a new mother you are left confused figuring out what could be the problem.  Not to worry, these are things that you learn with time. Taking care of your little one should not be making you so drained that you forget about yourself. With these few tips you can strike a balance and still have time to take care of yourself.

Find out what causes your baby to cry

A baby’s cry could mean so many things. Crying is a baby’s way of communicating something. Babies cry when they have wet diapers, when they have a stomach ache and when they are bored and want to sleep. As a new mom you have to very keen so that learn to tell the difference.  If the baby won’t sleep after feeding and does not have a fever it could also be because of an acid reflux which is common with babies.  When the baby cries too much and you have checked the common possible reasons and there is none, then it is a good idea to visit a pediatrician.

Always hold your baby

There are so many advices that you will receive from your peers as a new mum. Some of them will be helpful, but there are those that are not helpful at all as they are just myths.  Many parents will tell you not to hold your baby so often as it is a way of spoiling them but this is not true. On the contrary, you will be making your baby more comfortable with meeting their needs thus building their self esteem.

It is very ok to hold your baby, it is natural and it is a great way of raising confident children.

Avoid baby wipes

Many companies that are in the business of making baby wipes will definitely advocate for their use because they are in business. It is very difficult to find anything processed with no chemicals on it. Baby wipes are not natural and can cause irritations on the baby’s delicate skin. You don’t need wipes to clean your baby’s bum as they are still breastfed and you can easily clean them using a wet cloth.

Sterilization of baby bottles

If you opt for exclusive breast feeding, then this will not apply, but if you still do exclusive breastfeeding, but you are expressing and leaving the milk in baby bottles, then you have to think about sterilization of the bottles just like it is the case with a mum who uses formula. The hygienic conditions while dealing with baby bottles has to be very high. The baby’s immune system is still not developed and will not be stable until probably spending five years in this world. This means that they can easily get infected if their bottles are not cleaned well.  A faster way of cleaning them is by using soap and rinsing in hot water.


Music is good for the babies

As grownups you listen to music and enjoy it simply because you love the tunes, rhythms and at the same time you are able to understand the lyrics of the song. Babies do not understand the lyrics, but they sure love music. They are able to appreciate the melodies more than you think. In fact, the best way to put a baby to sleep is by putting for them some soothing music and before you know it they are fast asleep.

Finally, you should prepare fully important baby product before your child was born. Some baby care product you should have such as: Bottle, cloth diapers, detergents, baby skin care product, … Make sure you have all thing that your baby need.


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